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A stay at RCN Holiday Parks is more than just a great holiday. RCN has been offering a unique combination of camping facilities and other accommodation at beautiful locations for more than 65 years.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that we also do something very special with the profit we make, because when you book a holiday with us, you’re not just arranging a relaxing time for yourself. RCN spends every penny of its profits on social projects and on people who can’t take a holiday for granted, for example, because of being alone, a lack of money or physical limitations.


RCN's story
More than just a great holiday



At RCN, everyone can be themselves. We respect each other and offer suitable accommodation for all, from a simple tent to a luxury villa. 


Based on this approach, we will, of course, go on improving and developing in the years to come,  continuing to offer a safe and natural environment where all our guests can relax and fully enjoy everything that our holiday parks have to offer. 

A unique holiday experience without ignoring the world around us. RCN Holiday Parks Helping each other.

RCN Senior Week
A huge success

The RCN Senior Week took place on Monday 11th December in collaboration with the National Foundation for the Elderly and, an agency which provides holidays for the elderly. Snow threatened to throw a spanner in the works on an arrival day which turned out to be one of the first winter days of the year, but luckily all the guests arrived on time. They were received in three RCN parks the Roggeberg in Appelscha, the Grote Bos in Doorn and the Flaasbloem in Chaam, and any loneliness there may have been soon evaporated.

All sorts of enjoyable activities were organised including a craft workshop, a visit to the Christmas market in Antwerp and a convivial session of music bingo. The reactions from participants were overwhelming. We would very much like to thank all the volunteers and staff for their help and, above all, the seniors for the atmosphere!


Hundred free holidays
For people who can’t take a holiday for granted





Since 2016 RCN Holiday Parks has been giving away 100 summer holidays every year to families who are living at benefits level. RCN and had joined forces in the unique collaborative project ‘You Enjoy a Holiday Together, No-one Excluded’.


We also made a lot of families happy in 2018.


Musical and inspiring church services
We’ve been doing that for more than 60 years!

It goes without saying that music is extremely important and for that reason, it receives a lot of attention, but it also applies for the consideration of children that is expressed in word, song and story. Holiday church services are also intended as an opportunity to form a community with others in which there is a place for everyone and where they can feel at home, even if it is different to where they live.

In France there are only holiday church services in the summer period, but in the Netherlands there are even weekly services from Easter to about mid-September. We also refer our guests to the local churches. Guests can find more information about services in the activity programme in the periods when services are being organised.

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