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Hundred free holidays

For families on benefits

Since 2016 RCN Holiday Parks has been giving away 100 summer holidays every year to families who are living at benefits level. RCN and had joined forces in the unique collaborative project ‘You Enjoy a Holiday Together, No-one Excluded’. We also made a lot of families happy in 2018.

Presentation of 100 free holidays

The news is told to the first guests

Everyone can do with a holiday now and then; away from it all, fun and relaxation. But the cost means that it isn’t something that everyone can take for granted. RCN Holiday Parks has occasionally been offering 100 families on a low income a free holiday for some years now in collaboration with The families decide themselves when they want to go on holiday, which is taken in one of the RCN Holiday Parks in the Netherlands. This family is going to be enjoying a well-earned holiday at RCN de Potten after a difficult period. 

‘I was able to tell the family such fantastic news. Thank you so much, on behalf of the family as well, for this beautiful gesture. They’re definitely going to enjoy it, the children are already looking forward to it’, according to Rita.

The Akbar family’s story

John and Shabana Akbar were able to enjoy a week’s holiday with RCN.


John: ‘We were given this holiday thanks to the church. Absolutely terrific. We live with our family in Emmen. We have two sons, one nine and one seven, Abraham and Elija. We come from Pakistan originally but we’ve now been living in the Netherlands for about five and a half years. We were able to enjoy a holiday for a week at RCN de Roggeberg. We’re going home tomorrow, which is a pity, but everything comes to an end. We enjoyed it a lot, the children as well.


We swam in the open air, but in the swimming pool as well. The thing that the children really liked, was that there were so many other children they could play with. Lots of activities were also organised for them. For the adults as well. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves, we were able to relax and we’re very grateful to RCN and the church for this wonderful week.’

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