RCN Vakantieparken: 17 campings en vakantieparken in Nederland en Frankrijk. Dit is RCN!

Proud of our origins

What makes RCN unique

RCN arose in 1952 out of initiatives to create opportunities for ecumenical recreation in an open atmosphere. For more than 65 years now we have been offering our guests a safe and natural environment in which they can relax and fully enjoy everything that our holiday parks have to offer. A unique holiday experience without ignoring the world around us.

Benefitting each other for more than 65 years!

A brief history

We have been offering a unique combination of camping facilities and other accommodation at beautiful locations for more than 65 years. RCN was an initiative of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands in 1952. The first recreation centre was the Grote Bos on the Hydepark country estate in Doorn. The aim was to establish a recreation centre specially for the lower middle-class and tradesmen, not just for families belonging to the Dutch Reformed Church, but for all families. Very soon, parks in various places in the Netherlands were opened offering camping and accommodation in areas of natural beauty.



However, in order to maintain a fully-functioning business in the recreation industry, there has to be investment. A balance has to be struck between making a profit and the original ideals. In order to be better able to achieve this, the corporate form of the organisation was changed in the seventies from a non-profit organisation into a limited company, and the only owner was the SIOC (Stichting Interkerkelijk Oriëntatie Centrum or ‘Ecumenical Orientation Centre’).

The purchase of our first camping site in France in 1999 heralded the beginning of a new period in the organisation’s history.

In addition to the nine parks in the Netherlands, we now have eight camping sites in France where many guests find nature, sun and relaxation every

year. Each RCN park has its own individual character, offers a broad range of camping options and accommodation, and don’t forget: a wonderful location in the countryside.


Apart from offering terrific holidays, we also do something very special with the profits we make. RCN spends every penny of its profits on social projects and on people who can’t take a holiday for granted, like those who are alone, lack the means or who have a physical disability.



It has been our mission for more than 65 years to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the holiday experience we offer, including those who would otherwise find it impossible, because it’s not worth anything if it can’t be shared. You smile, they smile.