Good for you, good for each other!

Everything you share increases in value

A stay at RCN Holiday Parks is more than just a great holiday. RCN has been offering a unique combination of camping facilities and other accommodation at beautiful locations for more than 65 years. But what a lot of people don’t know is that we also do something very special with the profit we make, because when you book a holiday with us, you’re not just arranging a relaxing time for yourself. RCN spends every penny of its profits on social projects and on people who can’t take a holiday for granted, for example, because of being alone, a lack of money or physical limitations.

‘You smile, they smile’

RCN’s extraordinary projects

Holidays for people who can’t take getting away for granted

At RCN, we invite you to be yourself. 'We respect each other and we will make your  stay suit your needs, whether it is in a simple tent or a luxury villa.'


Naturally, in the coming years we will continue to improve and develop ourselves and our organisation.  We will continue to create a safe and natural environment where all our guests can relax and fully enjoy everything we have to offer at our holiday parks.


A unique holiday experience with a focus on the world around us.


By taking your holiday with RCN, you support people for whom getting away for a bit can’t be taken for granted. You smile, they smile. See below for more about our special projects!

One hundred free holidays

One hundred free holidays

Since 2016 RCN Holiday Parks has been giving away 100 summer holidays every year to families who are living on, or who would otherwise be entitled to, benefits. It is a unique collaborative project between RCN and Het Vakantiebureau.


Senior week

Senior week

Every year in our senior week, we make hundreds of isolated older people the centre of attention. The senior week for 2018 has now been and gone, unfortunately, but it was a great success!