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Aanbiedingen bij RCN de Flaasbloem

Geniet van extra voordeel

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A warm welcome
By the staff of RCN
Vincent Roumen
Park manager RCN Val de Cantobre
'Even though I'm the manager of the Val de Cantobre camping site, I’m still amazed everyday by the beauty this region has to offer. It's wonderful to be able to share the surroundings with our guests. We and our team want you to enjoy the luxury of the camping site and the peace of the countryside here..'
Telephone our contact center: +31 85 0400 700
9.1 Rating
Reviews from our guests

Rated by 30 people

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We are currently unavailable Contact the contact centre. We are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm and on weekends from 9am to 6pm on our phone number. Due to increased demand for holidays, the waiting time may be longer than usual. Tip: we recommend calling between 13:00 and 16:00 on weekdays
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RCN Val de Cantobre
Vellas, 12230 Nant | France
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