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Cookies and how to manage them

Just like any other website, this website uses cookies. We also place cookies to help us show you personalised adverts in which you would be interested and special offers that you really would want to see. We base these offers on your personal interests or what you look at on the website. 

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Cookie policy

Your privacy as a user of our website is extremely important to us, which is why we would like to inform you about the use of cookies on it.


What are cookies

Cookies are small, temporary text files. If you visit our website, they are sent to your browser and stored in the memory of your PC. They stop you having to fill in the same information every time you look at our site.

They also provide us with information about how you look at it so that we can make it better and so that it is easier for you to book a holiday.


What cookies do we use on our website and why?


Functional cookies

These cookies are needed to put something in your shopping basket, to fill in an order or other form, to select a booking period or to log in with your details.

Without these cookies, you wouldn’t be able to make a booking on our website.

We also use transaction cookies once you have made a booking to pay commission to our partners where applicable.


These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your web browser.


Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to gather information which we use every day to make our sites a little bit better. They allow us to measure the number of visits to the website. These statistics tell us how often the website is used, what information visitors look for and which pages are most frequently visited. This allows us to know which parts of the website are popular and where we can improve it. We analyse and improve the website continually so that we can make the experience for visitors as agreeable as possible. The statistics that we use cannot be traced back to people. They are always anonymous.


We make use of Google Analytics to monitor how our website is used and how effective ads with our partners are. The information collected in this way is rendered anonymous and sent to Google where it is stored. See the privacy policy of Google for more information, as well as the privacy policy of Google Analytics.


We also employ the services of  Google Optimize and Hotjar in order to improve our website. Visitor behaviour is recorded anonymously here as well. We do this to make sure that our website meets your needs as best it can.


For more information, see the following pages:

The analytical cookies are always placed when our website is visited.



Transaction Cookies

These are used if you are redirected to our website from a partner website and if you make a booking. We use these cookies to decide, for example, whether and when we should pay commission to our partners.

For more information, see:


Marketing cookies

We use these cookies for marketing purposes. They allow us to send you offers that you really would be interested in. We want to do this as focussed as possible, to keep costs lower and to avoid showing you irrelevant ads. In order to do this we make use of Google Adwords, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Custom Audiences, Criteo and Microsoft Bing Ads. This allows us to keep our advertising as focussed as possible and our costs low.

These cookies allow us to: 

  • Keep track of the ads you have already seen. This allows us to stop you seeing the same ads too often.
  • Record how many visitors click on our ads.
  • Record how many visitors use one of our services after clicking on an ad. This is necessary in order to analyse the effectiveness of our advertising.
  • Record if you have used certain services from us before. You won’t see any irrelevant ads then.


Remarketing cookies are placed in order to record your interests so that we can make offers and show ads that are more relevant to you. You then receive offers that are more suitable for you.

Even if you do not accept cookies, you may still see ads from us online. Not all of our ads make use of cookies. Cookies do, however, make it possible to show you ads that are more relevant and none that are superfluous.


You will receive information that is different from what others receive and which is more relevant to you based on the pages on the website that you visit. We make use of the services offered by Shopping Minds in order to show you relevant offers on our website, to send you a one-off reminder to complete a booking and to communicate in other personalised ways.


For more information, see:


Social media

Buttons have been included on our website to allow you to share pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social plugins allow you to share or recommend information on the website. These social plugins also place cookies.


For more information, see FacebookYouTube and Instagram’s privacy statements.


Who places cookies via our website?

We work with various partners who also place cookies via our website. These partners are: Google, DoubleClick, Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, Visual Website Optimizer, Hotjar, Shopping Minds, TradeTracker, Facebook and Instagram


See these parties’ privacy terms and conditionsfor more information about the way they use cookies. 


Disabling and deleting cookies

It is possible to disable the use of cookies in your browser so that they cannot be placed. You can also delete cookies that have been placed in your browser previously.


You should note, however, that disabling or removing cookies may mean that certain parts of the website may not work or may not work well.



This cookie statement may be amended at any time. Any such changes will be made known on the website.



If you have any queries about this cookie statement, send an e-mail to privacyofficer@rcn.nl.


Last updated on 12-09-2022

We use cookies
Just like any other website, this website uses cookies. We also place cookies to help us show you personalised adverts in which you would be interested and special offers that you really would want to see. We base these offers on your personal interests or what you look at on the website: things that you really are interested in. Is that ok? More information