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Padel court RCN Port l'Epine

Playing padel in Brittany

Recently campsite RCN Port l'Epine opened a padel court, also called a paddle tennis court. A sport that is fun to watch for young and old, but even more fun to play!


What is padel? 
Padel is a racket sport that combines elements of tennis, squash and badminton. You always play 2 against 2 and the score is the same as it is in tennis. In addition, you can use the glass walls! The game originated in Mexico where the first padel club was founded in 1974. It is a very popular sport in Spain and in the last ten years it has spread rapidly to the rest of Europe.

Padel is an interactive, accessible and social sport. 


The padel court is available all year by reservation. Book the padel court via the RCN app or drop by the reception during your stay. At the reception, padel rackets and balls will be ready for you.

Do you like to play padel and do you like to win? In high season we organise weekly tournaments with the animation team where you can participate for free!

Will you come and play padel at RCN Port l'Epine?

Play padel at RCN Port l'Epine
sporty activity during your holiday at RCN Port l'Epine