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RCN Toppershoedje

RCN Toppershoedje offers several rental options. If you want to maintain that camping feel, book a camping chalet with comfortable beds and a kitchen. Our bungalows are in the former orchard with a lot of space between each other. Fruit trees and bushes provide privacy and a pleasant atmosphere. The bungalows can be booked for up to six people and are furnished with every

convenience. The two-person bungalow even has its own sauna. Toppershoedje also has various linked apartments to rent. The original house in the orchard has been preserved and it contains a four-person apartment. It also contains two-person standard apartments. The subtle use of fencing ensures that guests have enough privacy. 

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  • Guests rate their experience of RCN as an 8.5
  • All our profit distribution go to a good cause
  • Unforgettable for young and old
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Roland Hoogwerf
Park manager RCN Toppershoedje
"You definitely have to be in RCN Toppershoedje for the ultimate beach holiday. The broadest beach in the Netherlands is literally at your feet. It's also been in the top ten of the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands for years. Our cosy holiday park means that you can spend your holiday in a pleasant atmosphere!"
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