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Renting in RCN de Noordster

Dwingeloo | Drenthe

RCN de Noordster offers accommodation for all sorts of guest: couples, families or groups. The bungalows are all situated in a unique place in the woodland of Drenthe, just like the pitches. They are available to rent for four to eight people. The biggest bungalow even has its own sauna.

De Noordster 105, 7991 PB Dwingeloo
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Renting in RCN de Noordster
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  • Looking after the animals
  • Themed activity: stargazing
  • Accommodation 'De Komeet' for up to 20 people
  • Multi-functional sports field
  • At the heart of Dwingelderveld Nationaal Park
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Bungalows in beautiful locations

RCN de Noordster

The detached bungalows in the Noordster are spread over the woodland and can be reached by winding paths. All the houses have their own garden and terrace where you can enjoy a carefree holiday, sheltered by the trees and with everything within easy reach. There are various types of bungalow available at the Noordster, from simple accommodation to more luxurious models. Families and small groups can make use of a four to six-person bungalow. The most luxurious option is the Zon, an eight-person bungalow

located on a hill, with four bedrooms, and open kitchen and a sauna. This model is ideal for families or small groups of friends, but it is also suitable for two families. Smoking and pets are permitted in some of our accommodation. Whatever model you choose, every bungalow is comfortably furnished so that you can really enjoy that holiday feeling.

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€170,- 2 days Mon 11/2/2020 | Wed 11/4/2020

Bungalow Mars

Renewed interior | Covered terrace | Dishwasher
4 persons
€166,- 2 days Fri 3/26/2021 | Sun 3/28/2021

Camping chalet de Morgenster

Glamping | Compact but complete | Shower & toilet
4 persons
€186,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Wheelchair accessible bungalow Meteoor

Adapted bungalow | Dishwasher | Open hearth
6 persons
€216,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Bungalow Pollux

Renovated bungalow | Themed children's bedroom
8 persons
€154,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Wheelchair accessible bungalow Sirius

fully adapted to disabled guests
4 persons
€162,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Pluto dog bungalow

with a special dog room
2 persons
€166,- 2 days Fri 3/26/2021 | Sun 3/28/2021

Camping chalet de Avondster

4 persons
€104,- 2 days Fri 3/26/2021 | Sun 3/28/2021

Boshut de Noordster

2 persons
€226,- 2 days Fri 3/26/2021 | Sun 3/28/2021

Mobile home de Poolster

6 persons
€202,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020


6 persons
€124,- 2 days Sun 11/1/2020 | Tue 11/3/2020

Bungalow Jupiter

TV with radio | CD-player | DVD-player
4 persons
€186,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Bungalow Saturnus

Dishwasher | Wood-burning stove | Flatscreen TV
6 persons
€240,- 2 days Mon 11/2/2020 | Wed 11/4/2020

Bungalow Zon

Parking near the accommodation
8 persons
€272,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020


8 persons
€224,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Bungalow Maan

4 bedrooms | fireplace | situated in the woods
8 persons
€210,- Weekend Sat 10/31/2020 | Mon 11/2/2020

Bungalow Mercurius

Parking near the accommodation
6 persons
€729,- €619.65 Short week Mon 11/2/2020 | Fri 11/6/2020

Group accommodation de Komeet

24 persons
The end-of-stay clean-up is mandatory and costs € 40. The rates and terms and conditions for the end-of-stay clean-up and any deposit may differ for some accommodation. They are, however, stated in the description for the accommodation in question. The above mentioned prices are exclusive tourist tax.
A warm welcome
By the staff of RCN
Bertil Kaspers
Park manager RCN de Noordster
"I really want you to come to the Noordster. There's so much to explore in this area of Drenthe, I can't even begin to tell you. But whether you come for rest and relaxation or to be active and experience things, it's all here. And our staff will be happy to advise you."
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