RCN Holiday Parks Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all offers, bookings and contracts in respect of all rental units and pitches and other facilities that are rented out by Recreatiecentra Nederland B.V. or one of its affiliated enterprises (hereinafter: ‘RCN Holiday Parks’), as well as the use of its website, or contact by means of telephone, WhatsApp, post or e-mail.



Your booking will be confirmed by e-mail a couple of days after it has been made.

 A booking at an RCN Holiday Park is final once you receive confirmation from that park. The confirmation is also proof of the booking.

A booking is only valid if made by an adult of 18 years or older.

Accommodation and pitches are available to rent for a maximum number of people and in no circumstances must that number be exceeded.

The accommodation can only be used by the tenant for recreational purposes.



50% of the amount due must be paid within two weeks of receipt of confirmation.

The balance must be paid to our account at least one month before arrival. You can also pay by logging into welkom.rcn.nl/en. If you are paying in instalments, the terms and conditions apply as stated in paying by instalment.

If you make a booking within six weeks of arrival, the entire amount must be paid in one instalment.

If you do not pay before the payment deadline, your booking will become void. You will, however, have to pay costs. These remaining costs comprise the rental cost of the accommodation exclusive extra costs such as tourist tax.


Arrival and departure

You can occupy your rented accommodation from 3 pm on the agreed day of arrival. The key should be returned to us no later than 10 am on the day of departure.

You can occupy your pitch after 1 pm on the agreed day of arrival. On the day of departure, pitches with private wash and toilet facilities must be vacated by 11 am and standard pitches by 12 pm.

If you vacate rented accommodation or a pitch before the end of the booked period, RCN has the right to charge the full amount, which means that you have no right to any refund, partial of otherwise.

If you do not arrive within 24 hours of the booked arrival date without informing RCN, your absence will be treated as a cancellation and you will be obliged to pay the full rental cost and you can no longer claim the accommodation or pitch.

Accommodation and pitches must be left on departure in the same condition they were in on arrival. If this is not the case, or if there is any damage, extra costs will be applied. The amount to be applied will be determined by the Park Manager.


Your pitch

You can pitch the following on one of our pitches:

  • One bungalow tent or one trailer tent or one caravan with awning or one motorhome.
  • In addition, a maximum of two small tents.


Your trailer-chalet

If you are renting a chalet or trailer-chalet in France, you are also allowed to pitch one tent (max. 5m2). The maximum number of people for the accommodation must not be exceeded, however.


Accommodation end-of-stay clean-up and deposit

The end-of-stay clean-up is compulsory for accommodation in the Netherlands and is included in the rental price. The end-of-stay clean-up in France is optional and costs € 50. If you are taking a pet with you, the end-of-stay clean-up is compulsory and the cost will be automatically included.

For particular accommodation in some parks, different rates and terms and conditions may apply for the end-of-stay clean-up and the deposit:

  • A deposit is required for group bookings and unaccompanied young people. The amount and the terms and conditions are stated under rental terms and conditions: groups and young people.
  • At RCN Toppershoedje, a deposit of € 100 is required. For the accommodation the Albatross plus, the deposit is € 50. No deposit is required for Hotelchalet Westerduin or camping accommodation.
  • RCN de Potten: a deposit of € 300 is required for villas and water homes. The deposit is different during Sneekweek.
  • RCN de Noordster: a deposit of € 300 is required for group accommodation in 2024.
  • RCN Zeewolde: a deposit of € 300 is required for group accommodation in 2024.
  • RCN le Moulin de la Pique: the end-of-stay clean-up for holiday homes costs € 70.
  • RCN Val de Cantobre: the end-of-stay clean-up for holiday homes costs € 70.


Groups and young people

A group booking at RCN is a booking of four or more of accommodation and pitches. A group does is not required to pay preference booking costs, but it does have to pay a deposit of € 125 per accommodation or € 200 per camping group. This deposit will be refunded after the end of your stay once the accommodation or pitch has been checked, less any costs for, for example, damage. Group bookings can only be made by e-mail or telephone.

If a group booking is exclusively for four or more young people under the age of 21, that fact must be stated at the time of booking and that booking will only be accepted at our discretion. The booker must also be at least 18. A deposit of € 100 is required for such group bookings.



If you can’t make use of the accommodation or pitch reserved for you, you will have to pay the following amounts.

On cancellation:

  • More than three months before the arrival date, 15% of the price.
  • Between two and three months before the arrival date, 50% of the price.
  • Between one and two months before the arrival date, 75% of the price.
  • Within one month of the arrival date, 90% of the price.
  • On the day of arrival, 100% of the price.

Preference booking costs will always be charged at 100% on cancellation.

With this in mind, it may be a good idea to take out RCN cancellation insurance. The entire cost of your holiday is then refunded by Interpolis if cancellation is for a valid reason. 


Terms & conditions of promotional offers and discounts

Our discount terms and conditions are applicable to all our discounts and special and promotional offers found on the website, social media and printed material. You can read these terms and conditions here.



Pets (dogs and cats) are permitted in designated accommodation on payment of a fee. There is a maximum of two per bungalow, chalet or trailer-chalet in the Netherlands. A maximum of two pets (dog or cat) are allowed per pitch.


In France, a maximum of one pet per accommodation or pitch is permitted. On request, it is possible to bring a 2nd pet for some parks in France. This is on request via our Contact Center at +(31) 85-0400700. A maximum of two pets per pitch is permitted in Germany.

The price per animal in the Netherlands, Germany and France is € 5.50 per night (camping and accommodation). An end-of-stay clean-up is compulsory in France if staying with a pet.

Pets are not permitted in the wash and toilet facility buildings, swimming pools, brasserie and other covered facilities in the park unless an explicit exception at the specific location is made.


Change your holiday booking free of charge

If you’ve already booked your holiday with RCN, but you decide you want to stay closer to home or go further afield, you can switch your holiday to one of our other parks in France, Germany or the Netherlands free of charge. Get in touch with us by telephone on +(31) 85 0400 700 and we will look at the possibilities together.


You can switch your holiday to another park for the same period free of charge three or more days before arrival, subject to availability. If the change is within three days of arrival, an administrative cost of € 35 will be charged.


You can also just change the dates of your holiday at the same park at no extra charge as long as you do so at least one month before arrival and your stay is within the same calendar year. When changing the dates, the cancellation terms and conditions of the original booking apply.

Any extra cost due to price differences will be charged, but no refund will be given if the new booking is cheaper.

If you change your booking more than once, a fee of € 35 will be charged per extra booking.

Bookings for the villas in the Villapark Sneekermeer and the water homes in RCN de Potten cannot be changed free of charge.


Rules for a pleasant stay for all

RCN’s house and other rules must be observed by all guests. These rules can be found in the information brochure on arrival. The house rules are also available at reception on request. Incidents that are not expressly mentioned in the house rules but which are nonetheless annoying or inconvenient for other guests are subject to the discretion of the Park Manager.



RCN can in no way be held responsible for: damage or injury as a consequence of a stay in an RCN park or use of the facilities on its terrain, nor for facilities and/or equipment that are faulty or otherwise out of service, unless negligence on the part of RCN can be shown.

RCN can in no way be held liable for the interruption or other shortcoming in the provision of services provided by third parties.

Any liability for damage or loss to property is in any case limited to a maximum of € 1,000 per stay. This limitation of liability is not applicable to loss of life or for injury or for damage to health. The limitation is also not applicable to damage or loss as a consequence of gross negligence or a deliberate breach of duty.

For safety reasons, an electric vehicle may only be charged at a designated charging point. If you charged a vehicle up by means of any other connection, you will be held liable for any resulting fire or damage to the network. In case of violation RCN may impose an immediately payable fine of € 150, RCN has the right without prejudice to claim fulfillment from the guest.

Legislation, regulations and applicable law

By making a booking, a contract is entered into between you and RCN Holiday Parks. The contract between you and RCN Holiday Parks is subject to the law in which the camping site or holiday park with which you have booked is located. During your holiday, you will abide by the law and regulations in the country where you are staying.

RCN Holiday Parks reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without consultation, especially if any applicable legislation changes. Any amendment will be announced on the website or by e-mail.


Tourist tax

The tourist tax varies per municipality and can be changed by the relevant municipality during the course of the year.

RCN will pass on any increase in tourist tax to you. 


Contracting party

By making a booking at a Dutch camping site or holiday park, a contract is entered into between you and Recreatiecentra Nederland B.V.

By making a booking at a German camping site or holiday park, a contract is entered into between you and RCN Holding Deutschland GmbH.

By making a booking at a French camping site or holiday park, a contract is entered into between you and RCN Holding France SARL.


Force majeure

If, due to force majeure, RCN Holiday Parks is partially or completely unable to fulfil the contract, temporarily or otherwise, it may propose a change (other accommodation or dates) within 14 days of RCN Holiday Parks becoming aware of the impossibility of fulfilling the contract. The suspension of RCN Holiday Park’s obligations is permitted if circumstances present themselves which are beyond its control. RCN Holiday Parks is not obliged to pay compensation for costs or any loss or damage in such circumstances.


Force majeure applies if RCN Holiday Parks is partially or completely unable to fulfil the contract, temporarily or otherwise, because of circumstances beyond its control, as in the case of epidemics, quarantine, government rules, threat of war, strike action, blockades, fire, flooding or other disruptions or events.


HISWA-RECRON terms and conditions (applicable to all our Dutch parks)

The standard terms and conditions of HISWA-RECRON (the Dutch association for the water sport and recreation industry) apply to all bookings at any Dutch camping site or holiday park. These terms and conditions have been drawn up in consultation with the travel association the ANWB and the Dutch consumer organisation the Consumentenbond and filed with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. ‘In the event of any conflict or any incompatibility between these terms and conditions and those of the HISWA-RECRON, these terms and conditions shall prevail’.

For the terms and conditions online, see:


These HISWA-RECRON terms and conditions can be consulted at reception in our parks.



Despite the care and effort that RCN Holiday Parks applies to ensure that you have a pleasant holiday, you may feel that you have a justified complaint. Any such complaint should first be directed to the management of the park where you have stayed. If the complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you then have one month after your departure from the park to submit your complaint in writing to RCN at gastenservice@rcn.nl. The complaint will then be dealt with with the utmost care.


If this still does not lead to a satisfactory resolution then you have three months from the date of your departure to submit your complaint to one of these three bodies:

  • If the complaint concerns an RCN park in the Netherlands:

De Recreatie Geschillencommissie [The Complaints Board for Recreation]. This was created at the initiative of the HISWA-RECRON [the Dutch association for the water sport and recreation industry]. As well as the HISWA-RECRON, the ANWB [the Royal Dutch Touring Club] and the Consumentenbond [the Dutch Consumers’ Association] also have a seat on this committee. The chairperson is independent and appointed by the non-profit consumer complaints organisation Stichting Consumentenklachten [Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards]. The address of the Recreation Disputes Committee [Recreatie Geschillencommissie] is: PO Box 90600, 2509 LP The Hague The decision of the committee is binding.

  • If the complaint concerns an RCN park in France:

The consumer ombudsman: CM2C, 49 Rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris, www.cm2c.net. Le service Règlement en ligne des litiges de la Commission européenne .If mediation is not successful, the consumer can submit the matter to one of the courts in France with territorial jurisdiction in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure [Wetboek van Burgerlijke Rechtsvordering]

  • If the complaint concerns an RCN park in Germany:

The online dispute resolution service of the European Commission. Directoraat-generaal Justitie en Consumentenzaken, Europese Commissie, 1049, Brussel, België.


VAT rates

All prices are inclusive of the low rate of VAT, 9% in the Netherlands, 7% in Germany and 10% in France. If the applicable VAT rate for your stay changes, we reserve the right to charge you for the difference.


Personal data

Under the provisions of the French Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, you have a right to access, rectify and object if the processing of your personal data is not essential for making your booking and you can request the processing of that data in writing by post, stating your identity, to: privacyofficer@rcn.nl. For more information, see our privacy statement.

We would like to draw your attention to the existence of the ‘Bloctel’ service to stop unsolicited telephone calls. You can register at: https://www.bloctel.gouv.fr.



Despite our constant care and attention spent on putting this website together, it is always possible that certain information may be incomplete or incorrect. RCN’s website is compiled with the greatest possible care and attention. RCN Holiday Parks cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage as a consequence of incorrect information. Dates, rates and special offers are subject to amendment and printing errors. This condition is not applicable to RCN Holding France.


Recreatiecentra Nederland BV/RCN Holding France SARL

This is the website of RCN Holiday Parks or Recreatiecentra Nederland BV, RCN Holding France SARL and Camping Laacher See GMBH.

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