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For young and old

Holiday means being able to play games and sports all day! The RCN Holiday Parks' recreation teams are ready to make sure that that is true for you as well. In all the holiday parks in the Netherlands and France, play and sports activities are organised for children of all ages. There is something new to do for the whole family every day.

Fun 2 Dance: everyone can dance
Fun 2 Dance: everyone can dance

In Fun 2 Dance, you learn the coolest dance moves with other boys and girls. Whether you're in a park in France or The Netherlands, if it's a nice day, there's dancing by the swimming pool! Every song has its own dance which has been prepared by a supervisor so you learn lots of different moves quickly.

Games and sports
Games and sports

At RCN, there are always classic children's activities which they always love to play. It is wonderful to completely forget the time when making bracelets and armbands. You can also make glitter tattoos or build a hut! Fun dancing, an exciting ghost hunt, face painting and a living game of Stratego are holiday activities which girls and boys of all ages love to do.

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