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  • Recreation team and hall
  • Heated open-air swimming pool
  • Windsurfing and sailing school
  • Cable-skiing next to the park
  • Surf 'boutique'
  • Indoor fitness
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RCN de Schotsman

Imagine: you don't have to bother with putting up a tent when you arrive, and cooking is just as easy as at home. And after an exhausting day on the water, you can flop down on the terrace or in your bedroom, tired but satisfied. The Schotsman offers various bungalows, chalets, apartments and trailer-chalets for a comfortable and carefree holiday for four, six and eight people. Our cosy apartments are right next to the water, so you'll have a wonderful

view across the Veerse mere. There is a sailing and a surfing school in the park so there'll be lots to see. The chalets and bungalows are also provided with every convenience. One of the six-person bungalow types has been entirely renovated and some of the six and eight-person bungalows even have their own sauna.

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  • Guests rate their experience of RCN as an 8.5
  • All our profit distribution go to a good cause
  • Unforgettable for young and old
ParkmanagerRCN de Schotsman
Sander van Geene
A warm welcome
"RCN de Schotsman is a unique family park. All aspects of Zeeland are brought together here: sun, sea, swimming, surfing, cycling and walking. The Schotsman is the ideal base from which to explore the rest of the region, but you don't have to go far. The most beautiful beach in the Netherlands is within walking distance."
8.3 Rating
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