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Adventure Parc

on the camping site!

Are you brave enough? Climb, swing and zip through the trees like a monkey in our new Adventure Park! From the circuit in the air, you look down on the camping site and the swimming pool.

The exciting attraction is open a couple of times a week. You will have the time of your life under the supervision of the people from ‘Le bureau des guides de canyon’ from Castellane.

UNIQUE: Kids Canyoning

RCN les Collines de Castellane

RCN les Collines de Castellane has a children’s version of canyoning developed with Bureau des Guides de Canyon which is even suitable for young children.

Canyoning is a sport where you follow the course of a river through a gorge or canyon, by walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling and sliding down natural slides.

We have laid out a route in a canyon near Castellane which, under the supervision of professionals, can even be completed by young children. The Kids Canyon offers every aspect of canyoning, complete with wetsuit and helmet, so that even from a very young age, children can become familiar with the sport in safety. Children must have a swimming certificate.

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