Survival Fun

RCN het Grote Bos

As beautiful as the surroundings may be, you don't have to actually leave the park for action and entertainment. Hang-On Survival Association happens to have a training site on the RCN het Grote Bos grounds. Their members are focussed on finishing survival runs and they are a consistent supplier of Dutch youth champions in this area. So forget about two car types on a rope and one small climb. This is a serious training track! Young and old can have a go and build up some sweat. The wooden track goes up quite a bit and crosses the water. There is a smaller and lower track for the little adventurers. The large survival track totally fits its afforested surroundings. It feels completely natural to encounter this course here amidst bungalows and tents. Park guests may use the survival track about a twice a week under the supervision of an instructor only. If you want to have a go, make sure you register in advance.