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Checking out

On the day of departure, vacate the accommodation before 10 am. Before you check out, please ensure that:


  • You collect any bed linen, towels, etc., and place them next to the front door.
  • You wash any plates and dishes, etc., empty the dishwasher and put everything away.
  • The windows are left slightly open.
  • The refrigerator is set to 1.
  • The accommodation thermostat is set at 15 degrees.
  • You separate your rubbish and deposit it in the designated area.


You can still make use of our facilities for the whole day on your day of departure. You can then park your car in any of the parking areas outside of the barrier.


If you would like to check out later on the day of departure, ask at reception on arrival and they will explain the options for booking an extra half-day.


Family and friends are very welcome. Visitors staying overnight must report beforehand to reception. Tourist tax is also payable on arrival for this person or persons.


The visitor car can be parked in the parking area or areas outside of the barrier.


At RCN de Schotsman, a maximum of two pets per accommodation are allowed. These pets must be entered at the time of booking. Failing that, they can be registered at reception on arrival. The price per pet is € 5.50 per day.


Pets must always be on a leash outside of the accommodation, with the exception of the outdoor swimming pool.



There is a launderette in wash and toilet facility building (sanitair gebouw) 1. Payment is by bankcard only and detergent does not have to be added.


There are two parking spaces at each accommodation. If you come with more than two cars, any extra vehicle can be parked in the parking areas outside of the barrier.