Time to make wishes come true

Let know who you wish a dream vacation for & win!

You've surely seen it standing at the park where you work. But do you actually know why this large, green, sustainable tree has such a nice spot?

With your work at RCN, you contribute to (the sharing of) vacation pleasure. That of guests but also of people who could use it due to exceptional circumstances. The dream tree is one of RCN's special social projects - did you know that by 2023 RCN will have contributed to 44 projects in total?

It is time to make even more wishes come true. And this time it is your turn! Who do you think deserves a dream vacation and why? Let us know via the entry form for a chance to win a free vacation every month.

Leave your wish at the dream tree

Leave your wish at the dream tree

Do you have a family member, friend, acquaintance or neighbor you think deserves a vacation?