RCN Friends Benefits
Frequently asked questions about RCN Friends Benefits
How can I participate in the RCN Friends Benefits?

Everyone who makes a booking with RCN Vakantieparken automatically participates. So you don't have to actively sign up for it.


What exactly does participation in the RCN Friends Benefits mean?

If you book with RCN Holiday Parks more than once, you are entitled to a discount on your next stay. During your holiday, you can also enjoy great offers which can be cashed in at our restaurants or elsewhere in the park.

How does the RCN Friends Benefits work exactly?

The RCN Friends Benefits can be found in the RCN app. By logging in to MijnRCN, you will find your level and corresponding discounts.

I don't have an email address. Can I still use the RCN Friends Benefits?

Yes, a receptionist at the holiday park will be happy to help you print out your unique bar code with your customer number.

Is the RCN Friends Benefits personal?

The advantage is linked to an e-mail address. All bookings linked to this email address count towards your level and the corresponding discounts. If you do not have an email address, we will use your guest card in our reservation system.

I don't have a smartphone, but I would like to make use of the RCN Friends Benefits.

This is still possible. A receptionist at the holiday park will be happy to help you print out your unique bar code with your customer number. On presentation of your bar code, you will receive personal offers in the hospitality industry or elsewhere in the park.

Where can I find my Friends Benefits?

Your level and the corresponding offers can be found in the following places:


  • in the RCN app
  • In MyRCN
  • Via the reception of any of the RCN Holiday Parks
What happens to my level if I cancel my holiday?

Four days before arrival, your booking will be credited to the RCN Friends Benefits. This is done in order to avoid having to change the level in case of cancellation.

Are the offers at the park automatically cashed in?

If you are entitled to offers that are valid in the hospitality industry, you can only make use of these when showing your RCN app or a printout of your unique bar code with your customer number.

Is the discount I get with my RCN Friends Benefits valid in combination with other discounts?

This depends on the specific conditions per offer, which you can find in the RCN app.

Can my Friends Benefits also expire?

Your Friends Benefits will lapse if you do not make a new booking with RCN for seven consecutive years. In order to be able to participate again, you have to restart at the Nightingale level with a minimum of two bookings.

I forgot to log in when booking via the internet, but would still like to receive the discount on my booking. Is that possible?

In this case, please contact our Contact Center on +31 85 0400 700


I've booked a vacation and I'm taking it to the next level. I don't see this in the RCN app yet.

Bookings can be credited and possibly moved to the next level four days before arrival. This may take a little longer for technical reasons. If it has not been adjusted two days before arrival, please contact our contact centre on 085 0400 700 or via contact@rcn.nl.

My level does not match the number of bookings.

The number of bookings of at least 3 nights with a spend above € 100 does not correspond with the assigned level. Please contact our contact center on +318 5 0400 700 or via contact@rcn.nl.

Can I still use my RCN Discount Card?

The RCN Discount Card and therefore the 5% discount is still applicable this year. Will I also receive the RCN Friends Benefit? Yes, you will receive both discounts this year. For bookings in 2021 this is no longer possible and only the RCN Friends Benefit applies.

Do I still receive stamps on the stamp card of my RCN discount card?

Stamps on the RCN discount card are only issued for stays with a booking date up to the start of the Friends Benefit program (July 13, 2020). No stamps are placed for new bookings. The stamped discount cards can, however, be exchanged until December 31, 2021.

What about privacy?

We only use your details for special offers and information about the RCN Friends Benefits. The data is processed and managed with the utmost care. Our RCN Friends Benefits fully complies with the AVG (Privacy Act). On our website, you will find an extensive privacy statement.

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