Focus on nature

Good for you, good for each other

One of the most important characteristics of our holiday parks is that they are always in or next to beautiful areas of natural beauty. Did you know that a number of RCN parks make up part of protected conservation areas?

In everything we do, we consider the effects on the environment. This is why we are also continuing to develop our parks in this respect, installing solar panels and bee hotels, cooking with organic products and, where possible, phasing out the use of gas. We endeavour to create and maintain the ultimate nature experience this way.

Enjoy a fantastic holiday in a beautiful location and contribute to a sustainable and better world.

Green Key

Green Key

The key to a sustainable holiday park!
We are proud to say that we have been awarded the Green Key Gold several times. We do everything we can to protect the environment whilst maintaining the quality and comfort of your stay.

  • Nine of the nine holiday parks in the Netherlands
  • Three of the eight camping sites in France

What we do and how you can help

Form sustainable quality standard to insect hotel, electric golf car to litter bingo

Restaurant and snack bar

When drawing up our menu, we take animal welfare, conservation, the environment, the climate and fair trade into account. As part of this effort, we work closely with Green Key and the Good Fish Foundation.


We avoid certain species of fish that are threatened by overfishing, use energy efficient devices, limit the amount of rubbish we produce and avoid waste in general and buy organic and fairtrade products where possible. We will also be expanding our range of vegetarian and vegan products because of their relatively low environmental impact.


Collection point for cans and PET bottles

Collect all cans and PET bottles! The entire proceeds of the container deposit return scheme are donated to the non-profit organisation Gaandeweg in the Netherlands. Similar projects in France and Germany are being set up...


Wash and toilet facilities of the future

Measures are being taken in several of RCN Holiday Parks to make our wash and toilet facility buildings more sustainable. The technology that we are employing includes solar thermal collectors to partially heat water, water-efficient taps and the reuse of grey water for flushing toilets.


Insect hotel, bird houses and bat boxes

  • Insect hotels » Insects are important for nature. They combat pests, like aphids, and fertilise crops. They are struggling, however, and there are fewer places where they can hide or nest. This is why our insect hotels help to maintain the ecosystem in a natural way.
  • Bird houses » Our bird houses offer birds a safe place to make a nest and bring up their young. As well as nesting, birds use the houses as shelter from predators and the weather.
  • Bat boxes » Did you know that bats can’t build their own nest? Instead, they are entirely dependent on places that are already in place for them to stay. They prefer to live in hollow trees, but there are often not enough split or cracked old ones to offer them enough space. Our bat boxes provide a good, safe place for them. It is important to help the bat, because it is a natural ‘insecticide’. Its diet includes moths and mosquitoes.


What else?

  • Planting wild flower beds
  • Charging points for electric cars
  • Use of electric golf cars by technical and cleaning services
  • Carefully regulated heating in the Netherlands, so that booked holiday homes are pre-heated to offer a warm welcome and energy isn’t wasted on unoccupied accommodations.
  • Installation and extension of solar panels
  • And more...


If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our nature-conscious way of working, get in touch by sending an email to