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Consideration for people and animals

Corporate social responsibility

One of the most important characteristics of RCN is that all of our parks are in unique locations in the countryside. A number of our holiday parks are even in conservation areas, like those in the Netherlands on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, in the Drents-Friese Wold and Dwingelderveld in Drenthe. We want to be able to keep offering you the ultimate experience of nature so we have to treat our surroundings with respect. We respect nature on and around our parks and maintain the land they are on with a great deal of care.

Working towards a sustainable world

Sustainability and RCN

We have to treat the Earth with wisdom if we want to pass it on to future generations and at RCN, we’re continually thinking about how we can work as sustainably as possible. 

When you go to one our restaurants and snack bars, for example, you’ll see that we’re even endeavouring to strike a balance between tasty, healthy and sustainable. You’ll find regional products on the menu and vegetarian and gluten-free meals.


Saving energy

We want to pay more attention to the circular economy in the future because reserves of fossil fuels are limited. This also applies to many other resources which we make use of in the holiday parks. We’re therefore increasingly looking for more opportunities to save energy and, ultimately, to produce it ourselves.


Creating and reusing raw materials

Raw materials are becoming more scarce, and as a consequence, more expensive, which is why RCN works as much as possible with recyclable materials. We want to investigate how our rubbish can be a raw material, possibly for another product, or as a part of the food chain.



We can’t afford to keep wasting energy and materials and causing pollution. To bring about change, however, we have to be self-critical and co-operate well with others. It is only then that our children and future generations will be able to enjoy the beautiful places in the world.


We also appreciate it if our guests help us think about these things as well. If you think you have seen a way during your stay to improve our nature-conscious way of working, please let us know!



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