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WiFi on holiday

RCN Holiday Parks

Due to the increasing demand from guests for internet access, we have decided to offer WiFi  free of charge in the Netherlands and France. 

The WiFi network is carefully maintained but however good it is, we cannot guarantee 100% coverage, unfortunately.  The intensity of use, use inside a caravan or camper, etc, and even the weather have an effect on the signal.You can use the internet for e-mail and visiting websites but it is less suitable for watching videos. The internet can be slower in the evenings because that is when a lot of guests make use of WiFi. The signal is strongest around the main building.

Due to the unique location, the local digital infrastructure is very limited at RCN Port l'Epine and RCN Les Collines de Castellane. At these campsites there is only a hotspot and WiFi in and around the main building. 

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