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Out and about...

with the RCN Adventurecard

Are you a real explorer? Then the Adventure trail is for you!

You and the Adventureclub will go and look for all the exciting tasks and have the most fantastic adventures. You’ll find the tasks at the six special Adventurepoles spread across the camping site. Will you be able to find all the poles?

Be a real Adventure Hero!
Be a real Adventure Hero!

Once you’ve carried out the task correctly, you’ll get a special sticker. You earn stickers by undertaking an adventure with the Adventureclub, but also by following the Adventure Trail Poles (from 7th July). 

Collect all the stickers...
Collect all the stickers...

You collect the stickers in your own special book. Once you’ve done all six tasks, you earn your last sticker by picking up a delicious surprise in the restaurant. Your Adventurecard is then complete and you can go to reception for a present. 


You will then be a real Adventure Hero!

The Adventureclub
The Adventureclub

Out and about with the Adventureclub! Have the coolest adventures with Alex Adventure! In some of the parks in France and all the parks in the Netherlands, Alex has a helpmate called Sammy. They are best friends and do lots of fun things together. Alex wants to be a real explorer when he grows up. Are you going to go on an adventure with Alex and Sammy this summer?  We’re looking for lots more enthusiastic explorers!

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