Exploring with Club Sammy

Sammy, Alex and Emma have the best adventures together and want to take you with them. First, let’s introduce Club Sammy to you:

Who is Alex? Alex is a real adventurer and would spend all his time discovering and experiencing new things if he could. He enjoys building huts a lot and he enjoys playing football as well. Alex still has a lot to discover though. He sometimes finds it a bit scary, but luckily, he’s prepared for everything.

Who is Emma? Emma is someone who can spend hours staring through her binoculars, especially if she sees something beautiful, like birds, ladybirds or flowers. She knows everything about nature. She likes to cook things that she has plucked herself as well.

Who is Sammy? Sammy is a very curious dog, who is always ready to help everyone. The world around him makes him happy and he likes to share that with everyone. That’s why he keeps sending Alex and Emma off to discover things in and around the holiday park.

With the help of the recreation team, Club Sammy offers various activities and facilities for fun and enjoyment for all ages on holiday at RCN.