Alex & Sammy

Your best friends

For children, staying at RCN Holiday Parks means a holiday full of fun and adventure. To organise all our activities, the recreation team is helped by Alex Adventure and his dog Sammy. The two friends live in the park and are always ready to go off with you.

Alex and Sammy are best friends and are always looking for adventure. They have tremendous fun and they undertake tasks, experiments and treasure hunts together.

Alex has one big ambition: he wants to become a real adventurer, but that’s not so easy with a naughty dog like Sammy. Going on an adventure is exciting but Alex and Sammy aren’t always successful in completing their tasks. If you like adventure as well, then you can help Alex and Sammy.

Undertake an adventure with other children in the park, that way you’ll soon make new friends and experience something exciting and unforgettable.

See here when your RCN friends are going to be in the parks.