Handicrafts with Club Sammy

Do you want to make a new pair of binoculars for Emma at home?

Club Sammy is crazy about finding out about nature and discovering new places on the world. Alex can spend hours racing around on his mountain bike, Sammy the dog uses his nose to search all over and Emma likes nothing better than to peer through her binoculars for animals and nature.


But Emma has a problem. While they were playing outside, her binoculars got broken. Do you want to make her a new pair of binoculars?


You will need:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Felt-tip pens and/or coloured pencils
  • Two rolls from toilet paper rolls or one roll cut in half from a kitchen paper roll
  • A sponge to stick between the toilet rolls
  • Coloured paper and, if you like, washi tape for decoration
  • Two strings or ribbons (+/- 35 cm long each)


Step 1. Cover the two toilet rolls in coloured paper

Step 2. Decorate the paper, if you like, with felt-tip pens and/or coloured pencils

Step 3. Cover the edges of the toilet rolls with washi tape or a piece of coloured paper and fold them slightly inside

Step 4. Cut a small rectangle (2x4 cm) from the sponge

Step 5. Stick the piece of sponge between the toilet rolls with some glue

If you are using a glue gun, ask a grown-up to help you

Step 6. Make a hole on each outer side of the toilet rolls

Step 7. Thread the strings or ribbons through the two holes and tie a knot in them.


Ta-dah! Well done! The binoculars for Emma are ready. Emma will be so happy with your help! Take a photo of your binoculars and share it with #ClubSammy.