• Round the Port l’Epine (60 minutes) Turn right immediately from the entrance to the campsite and walk until you get to the sea. Take the stairs on the left then keep on walking along the path with the sea to your right. When you arrive at the bottom, turn left and keep left on the paved path Keep walking straight ahead (going up and then a slight bend to the left) and then turn left again at the crossing into Route Leslac’h. Keep right at the T-junction. Turn left further up at the crossing into Le Rhun. At the T-junction keep walking straight ahead. Turn left into Hent Nerwiou (where there is a dead end sign) for a beautiful view. Take the first path (unmetalled) on the right and walk further until you come to a beautiful view of the sea. Walk back to continue the walk. Keep walking straight ahead at the crossing into Rue du Tantad. Take the left fork Vieille Côte de Port l’Epine. Keep walking down and turn left again to the campsite.
• A bit of fresh air for 20 minutes Turn right at the waste deposit area of the campsite and follow the blue sign with the white arrow. Follow the asphalted path, it bends to the left on the peninsula. Keep on walking until you get to the campsite again.


Valléé des Traouïéro

Vallée des Traouïero, 22730 Trégastel