Safari ship de Blauwe Bever

De Blauwe Bever is a boat on which you can experience nature along the river from an open but covered upper deck. It’s a working boat with enough height to allow you to see the dykes, not a cruise boat with misted-up windows. You can discover the beautiful north bank of the Nederrijn, with its marshes, poplar woods, flowered meadows, coves and channels. Get to know the river flora and fauna in the delta of the Nederrijn at the foot of the Utrecht Hill Ridge National Park, the Grebbeberg, the Wageningse Berg and the Veluwezoom and then, after Wijk by Duurstede, you have the forelands along the Lek with its historic forts.

Distance from the park: 27 km

Safari ship de Blauwe Bever


, Wageningen

The Netherlands