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Can I book more than one accommodation at a time?

It is not possible to book more than one accommodation online at a time. You can book more than one, however, if you get in touch with our Contact Centre on +31 85 0400 700 or if you just make separate bookings on the website.


If you then want to book two forms of accommodation or two pitches next to each other, you just click on ‘Return’ after making your first booking and click on ‘Select you place on the map’ for the second.

How old do I have to be to make a reservation?

The minimum age of the main booker must be 18 or older.

Is it possible to book with a group of young people?

Yes, this is possible. Guests wishing to stay with a party consisting exclusively of 4 or more young people under the age of 21 (booker must always be at least 18 years old), must indicate this in advance and is always on request. A deposit of €300 applies to these bookings.

What is a preference booking?

A preference booking is when you choose a specific pitch or accommodation.


To make a preference booking in the Netherlands and Germany, you pay € 25 for both pitches and accommodation. In France, you pay € 35 for both pitches and accommodation.

There’s just one pitch/form of accommodation left and it’s the one I want, do I still have to pay for a preference booking?

If the last pitch/form of accommodation just happens to be your preferred one, you still have to pay for a preference booking. Changes and/or cancellations can mean that other pitches/forms of accommodation may become available, in which case, non-preference bookings may be moved.

Is it possible to express a preference for non-smoking or pet-free accommodation?

Yes, if you do have a preference, you can make it known in the section for remarks.


 Pet-free accommodation is subject to availability. If you want to be sure of pet-free accommodation, make a preference booking.


Smoking is not permitted in any accommodation.

Is it possible to book aids for people who are less mobile?

We don’t rent aids to people with a disability, but we do have adapted accommodation at 12 of our parks and these already contain aids. For a complete overview of our adapted accommodation, see here.

What is an ‘extra tent’? How many extra tents can I erect?

An extra tent must be no more than 5 m2. You can erect two extra tents on a pitch at no extra charge as long as there is enough room and the maximum number of people per pitch isn’t exceded. If you want to make sure that you have a pitch with enough room for two extra tents, get in touch with our Contact Centre on +31 85 0400 700.


It is also permitted to erect one extra tent at no extra charge with a trailer-chalet in France as long as there is enough room and the maximum number of people isn’t exceded.


Please note: Not all trailer-chalets in France come with enough room for an extra tent.

Can I book extras after my initial booking?

You can do this easily in the MyRCN area. You can see your bookings there and add things like bed linen sets or an end-of-stay clean-up, etc. Cancellation insurance can be added up to ten days after your booking.


If you don’t have an MyRCN account yet, one will be created for you automatically when you complete your booking. You will then receive an e-mail from us with instructions on how to log into the MyRCN area.

I have a promotional code, where do I enter it?

You can enter the promotional code in the step ‘Who is going with you?’ by clicking on ‘Click here if you have a promotional code’. The discount or package will be calculated after the promotional code has been entered.


Contact the contact centre.

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