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Where can I find the up-to-date opening hours for the reception, brasserie and other facilities?

Up-to-date opening hours for each park are in the RCN app and on the website.

Is there a charging station at the park?

Charging points are available at all our holiday parks. You can pay with either a charge card or a credit card.

Is there free WiFi in the park?

Yes, there is free WiFi in all our parks for an unlimited number of devices. For more information, see


Please note: It is usually not possible to watch live streams, YouTube and Netflix. The accessability of WiFi and the internet is often not as good in France as in other countries, often because of the unique location of the camping site.


How do I register my car number plate?

You can register the registration number of the car you are taking to your park in the MyRCN area. 


If you have any difficulty, please get in touch with the Contact Centre at or on +31 85 0400 700.

Can I park two or more cars next to my pitch/accommodation?

One car is allowed in the park for each pitch, but no cars are allowed in the camping fields themselves. 


Whether you can have two or more cars next to your (non-camping) accommodation depends on the number of people staying there. If you are staying in four-person accommodation, then one car is allowed. If you are staying in accommodation for six or more people, then two cars are allowed.

Can I use a barbecue while I’m staying in the park?

Barbecuing is permitted, but the rules vary for each park and it may be forbidden if the weather has been very dry.


If you have a specific question or would like to know the current situation, get in touch with the Contact Centre at or on 085 0400 700.

Can I rent a bike?

The Netherlands

Bicycles can be hired in all RCN Holiday Parks in the Netherlands, but each park has its own rules. Bicycles can be booked in advance at some parks, but not at others, and rates may differ.



Bicycles and/or mountain bikes can be rented on or nearby the camping site.



E-bikes can be rented at RCN Laacher See.


If you have a specific question or would like to know the current situation, consult the RCN app or the facilities on the webpage of the relevant park. If you have any difficulty, please get in touch with the Contact Centre at or on 085 0400 700.

What sort of swimming trunks are allowed?

Boxer-style and longer and/or baggy swimming trunks are not allowed in French camping sites due to general hygiene regulations. Tight-fitting swimming trunks are permitted, however, as are brief swimming trunks.

Where can I find a map of the park?

The map for every RCN Holiday Park is on the webpage of that park under contact details (which also include the telephone number for the Contact Centre and that park’s address). Maps are also below on the page ‘More about RCN...’

How do I make a reservation in the brasserie?

You are always welcome on the terrace or in the brasserie of your favourite RCN Holiday Park. If you want to be sure of a table, make a reservation via the RCN app or at

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