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What is the RCN Friends Benefits scheme?

The RCN Friends Benefits scheme allows you to save for tremendous discounts on your next stay. The more often you spend your holidays with RCN, the higher your discount. You will also receive great offers, which you can use in the bistro or snack bar or elsewhere in the park. The same thing applies here: the more often you stay with us, the more benefits you receive.


To find out more about the different levels and their benefits, see rcn.nl/friendsbenefits.

How can I participate in RCN Friends Benefits?

Everyone who makes a booking at RCN Holiday Parks is automatically enrolled. You don’t have to do anything to take part.

Can I take part in RCN Friends Benefits if I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes, you can! A staff member at the reception of your holiday park can print off your unique barcode and customer number for you. On presentation of the barcode, you can take advantage of personalised special offers in the brasserie or elsewhere in the park.

Can I make a booking for someone else with my RCN Friends Benefits?

No. In principle, you can’t make a booking for someone else with your RCN Friends Benefits; the scheme is personal.

Is the RCN Friends Benefits scheme personal?

RCN Friends Benefits is linked to an e-mail address. All bookings linked to this address are taken into account for your RCN Friends Benefits level and the discounts that go with it. If you don’t have an e-mail address, we use the details on your guest card in our booking system.

How does RCN deal with the privacy issue?

We only use your details for special offers; information related to RCN Friends Benefits. These details are processed and managed with the utmost care. RCN Friends Benefits is fully compliant with the GDPR (the data privacy law). An extensive privacy statement can be found on the website.

Where can I see my RCN Friends Benefits?

Your level and the offers that go with it can be found in the following places:

  • In the RCN app
  • In the MyRCN area
  • At reception in one of the 18 RCN Holiday Parks.
Are offers and discounts automatically applied in the park?

You can only take advantage of the offers and discounts that apply to the brasserie, bistro and/or snack bar that you are entitled to on presentation of your RCN app or a print of your unique barcode and customer number.

Is the discount I get with my RCN Friends Benefits valid in combination with other discounts?

Yes, the booking discount you get with RCN Friends Benefits can, in principle, be combined with other special offers, unless a specific offer is expressly excluded in the terms and conditions on the website.

Discounts in the parks do not apply in combination with other discounts.


I forgot to log in when I made my booking, can I still take advantage of my discount?

Get in touch with the Contact Centre at contact@rcn.nl or on 085 0400 700 and we will see what we can do.

I’ve booked a holiday that should take me to the next level, but I can’t see it in the RCN app. What’s wrong?

Normally, bookings are credited and any rise in level takes place four days before your arrival, but this can sometimes take longer for technical reasons.


If you still can’t see it two days before your arrival, get in touch with the Contact Centre at contact@rcn.nl or on 085 0400 700.

My RCN Friends Benefits level doesn’t seem to match the number of bookings I’ve made. Is something wrong?

Bookings must be for at least three nights accommodation or five nights camping and have cost more than € 100 each. If the level and discount still doesn’t seem right to you, get in touch with the Contact Centre at contact@rcn.nl or on 085 0400 700.

What happens to my level if I cancel my holiday?

In order to avoid amending your level if there is any cancellation, the booking is only credited to the RCN Friends Benefits scheme four days before your planned arrival.

Can my RCN Friends Benefits expire?

Yes, your RCN Friends Benefits can expire. This happens if you don’t make a booking at RCN Holiday Parks for seven years.


If your RCN Friends Benefits does stop, you start again at the Nightingale level with a minimum of two bookings.

Contact the contact centre.

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